Welcome to Heart And Star Studios!

A Multi-Media Arts Company…

Good news! As of May 2020, I can now offer shipping via the USPS. Handmade artist’s greeting cards are $10 plus California sales tax. Shipping and handling is $2.60 or more via USPS to USA addresses. As of October 2020, commissioned cards are $20 apiece.

Please contact me at GoddessLinda at gmail dot com, Subject Line: Handmade Artist’s Greeting Cards to set up a virtual conversation about your artistic needs and desires.

We also offer free-lance writing and plus multi-media arts. This includes basic digital photo, video, blogging, and editing plus proof-reading manuscripts of all kinds.

Acrylic Paintings by Linda M. Smith

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bringing joy, beauty, and healing to the world through Linda's art, writing, and music!