Run With It!

AdamAndEve01Nothing today goes according to MY plan!

Fuck your plans,  says the Universe!  I’m Uranus.  And I’ve got ideas of my own!

Oh, Uranus!   You are such a butt, sometimes!

The better to sodomize you, my sweet!

Uranus,  you help me avoid deep shit.

That’s my job, honey.  Now, turn over, dear.  Let me teach you Greek!

Honestly,  Uranus,  you tell the worst puns!

I’m into BDSM.  I specialize in erotic PUN-ishment.  When it comes to buttsex, I’ve got you licked!  My little dark rose.  I’m your back door man.

I am sighing with lust.  I don’t care if you vote the wrong way.  Or pack heat.  I just want you.

You may be better than a guitar god.  He’s taken.  Unlike you!




I wish I could do this…

        My work isn’t perfect, and neither am I!  But withholding my work is no longer an option!  So, here ’tis, my new Heart And Star Studios blog!  I just want to write and publish my art, writing, and music for good money.  I know that’s asking a LOT!  

        But I have done the impossible before.  And shall do so again!