Me, Coming Out of the Closet!

Me, Coming Out of the Closet!

As an erotic goddess. Boy, is this a bold move. I mean, my neighbors might see this! Or mt Mother, my roommates, or my Father!
At some point, I’ve got to face the fame. I may never be as big as Mick Jagger. That’s OK. He knows who I am. He knows me from our shared and mutual dreaming.
Ever hear of the Kaballah? Apparently, it’s one key to enter the Dreamtime. I do most of my very important work there…. or I DID….
I’m sorta retired from the Dreamtime, more or less. I’m more focused on Life on planet EARTH. Where we all supposedly live, now, right?
At least I’m not NAKED. Naked is dangerous. Naked is delicious. Naked is vulnerable. Naked is spiritual in ways being clothed isn’t.
There’s an art to clothes. Wearing them, designing them, picking them out, even shedding them! Yes.
Fashion is a Passion!


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