Facts About My Father

  1. My father was William Shakespeare in a past life.
  2. Dad and I have always had a good, close relationship.
  3. Dad is probably about 75, and he’s a retired Systems Analyst.
  4. Dad’s a stock market expert; he earns enough money in Investing to supplement his Social Security, such that he can afford a small house and car expenses. He’s a disciple of Jim Cramer and the street dot com. As in, WALL street!
  5. Dad’s a Virgo sun sign. He was born on the exact same day that World War 2 got started! The day Hitler invaded Poland!
  6. Dad has told me a couple of times, “I will never forget the wild and crazy night that I sired you!”
  7. I have always felt Dad’s criticism of me. He’s a Virgo sun sign. I have Virgo rising. Virgos are naturals at nitpicking details and also keeping up their health and appearance. That’s just like Dad!
  8. Dad has chosen not to communicate with me via the usual accepted worldly channels, nor does he see me in person. This hurts. But I forgive him. I think it’s because of my move away from the City of Herbs. You could nickname that town, Cannabis, CA!
  9. Dad is still alive and well, as far as I know. I will know in my heart of hearts when he isn’t. Unless Dad choose immortality! So far, those persistent rumors of my Father’s immortality have not been disproved!
  10. He’s named after St. Stephen, the First Martyr of the Christian faith.

    drawing of Linda's father
    Steve F. Smith

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