My Swan Song

Let me not leave the world 

Without having blessed it

With my bundle of stories

Let everyone be blessed by Linda’s infinite love and light

 Let angels fly out of my thighs like kisses

 May my genes make music

That rolls like the Morocco rollercoaster in Marrakech!

My sexuality and angel love porn caresses the world

My neurons melt with lust; my synapses dance

Blue Snake greets the dawn

My personal dragons dance

Like so many menopausal crones in heat

I’m the love,  the humming love, of the universe

I am Butterfly Tree with the Jaguar; the stars

In the nightsky kiss my fur 

I am another yourself.  We are the monarch butterflies who flutter by.  We refuse to die.  FUDGE Monsanto! 

Thank you God for making me!   Pink faery glitter to all!  



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