A Love Letter to Women

I’m one of your tribe

I have deeper desires

My eyes explore the soft shadows between your breasts and thighs

 My dreams dance among the Goddesses and dakinis 

 I feel the song, the ssong of your skin and sighs 

How do I, a virgin to women,  kiss you until your toes curl all the way to the moon?

How do I let your husband or boyfriend watch as I sip from your holy grail

Giving the most toe-curling demo EVER of two red snakes dancing!?

The melding of skins id different when there’s an observer present! 

nature’s oldest ritual, the dance of sighs, Kama and Shakti blending tongues and legs and breaths…

The world is recreated whenever we weave arms and legs and destinies 

Breasts like mangoes, thighs like sighs

I hope this poem slides like a welcome hand in your pants!

I want your lips red and moist to receive my kiss

My earthy desires kiss your sky like nipples and tongues with clouds

My pen strokes your paper, scratching out inky kisses and Haiku orgasms

Your breath rides my nipples

My kisses crawl your thighs;  I am Cosmic Hip MaMa!

Hello,  Kitty!  Minds blend more than bodies!

I am the erotic music in your soul.  I am the Lover! So be the dream!  So be the Rainbow Bridge!



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