My Temple

LoversInColors  My sacred Tantra Temple is one big room, with walls made of carved and polished dark wood, with holes in it.  They can be slid around and removed. There are heavy purple velvet curtains to keep out stiff winds and cold air.  A large futon lays on the floor, covered in silk sheets and pima cotton blankets plus an assortment of soft, colorful pillows.  There’s a treasure chest of sex toys beside that bed.  Erotic art is on the walls. The altar has a huge crystal, a Buddha, a painting of Krishna and Radha, and fresh-cut flowers plus a bowl of pure water.  And other sacred objects. The food basket contains delicious,  fresh sensual foods to fit the lovers’ tastes.  And also water and other pleasing drinks.  Non-alcoholic! And now, sweet lover, come to me!  I know you exist.  I can feel you “out there”.  I know you are male.  VERY male!  Man of 1,000 Faces!  Let our kisses sear each other’s skin.  Let us melt bodies and minds together.  Let us knit limbs and energies.  I gaze into your lusty, loving eyes!  Your Carvin guitar gleams in the corner, holding hands with my black Fender Stratocaster.  Our amplifiers exchange lusty, meaningful glances!  Your guitar dominates mine with love… and amplifier-to-guitar cords!  (Chords!)  We melt together in musical bliss!


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