10 Things I Love About the San Francisco Bay Area

1.  The fact I am from here.  Magick lives in this land.  I’ve fallen in love,  survived a nervous breakdown,  dreamed, shopped, laughed, cried, meditated, and had sex here!
2.  Berkeley.   It’s my Mecca.  The atom bomb and I were both conceived there.  I know I’m far more life-giving than Adam Baum or Eva Destruction.   I’ve taken some great art classes there!
3.  The presence of San Francisco.   He sits like a great old dragon on a hill.  He’s gay.  He’s kinky.  She’s my bride and my fuck buddy.  I love those cabke cars.  We kids went to the DeYoung Museum and also the Steinhardt aquarium.   I remember the giant sea tortoises.   They remind me of the Mother Goddess.
4.  The presence of so much public transit.  Which is indispensable for a woman without a car or much hope of ever affording one!  Thank God for BART and ACTransit.
5.  Outdoor markets like this …

imageThe above was taken at Fruitvale BART station just the other day, on my way to the dentist!  The Mexican culture in particular is very colorful!    They believe in such things as the Aztec calendar and also Our Lady of Guadalupe.

6.  The prevalence of the “alt sex” scene.  There are some great adult book and sex toy stores such as “Good Vibrations” in Oakland, San Francisco, and Berkeley.  There are also organizations such as the Society of Janus, who promote and practice Safe, Sane, and Consensual BDSM.  And there are also erotic artists and authors who write and publish in the SF Bay Area!  I am one of them!

7.  The mild weather.  Relying on a bus to take me to and from the grocery store or ATM on a snowy, icy day is a hard experience.  When Highway 5 shuts down way up North, the buses stop running, or else get diverted to an alternative route, usually longer and thus slower (and sometimes icier!) than I-5.

8.  The prevalence of bookstores, tech, and wi-fi cafes here.  Starbucks is a great place to meet friends or grab some free wi-fi, perhaps with a “wi-fi drink”.  You know, to “pay rent on the table.”  They have a lot of good food and drink on offer at Starbucks now.  Don’t forget all the “Mom and Pop” cafe’s in your neighborhood!  They need your support even more than the big corporations!

9.  The fact that great bands such as Journey, the Grateful Dead, and the Jefferson Airplane/Starship hail from here!  Psychedelic Rock grew up in San Francisco in the 60s, during the iconic “Summer of Love”.  That’s no accident!  That combo of hippies, rock stars, and migrating American teenagers combined in a summer of fun and haze when I turned 2 years old, and the Jefferson Airplane really flew!  With the aid of way too much marijuana and LSD and Lord-knows-what.  “Free love”…. Oh, yeah!

10.  The sheer variety of social clubs.  Where else will you find “Let the Crazy Child Write” workshops back-to-back with Polyamory Picnics, Pagan celebrations, Stitch ‘N’ Bitch (knitters with an attitude?), and Dungeon Parties, Play Parties, and more Family-Friendly fun as well?   Besides, the public libraries are very well stocked!   The bigger the city, the more varied and updated their book collection!


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