How can I help you?

I know him from the Prosperity Express Club as Party Monster! He’s awesome! Pay him a crapload of money or something else of value to Dan for his services.

Dan Becco 773-784-6542

I coach people who may or may not have ADHD and who are experiencing challenges in their careers. They feel unfulfilled and may not be earning what they are capable of. Some have debt or may have trouble using their time to focus on goals and actions required to achieve them. They lack clarity in their visions and may not be using their talents.

I coach my clients to find meaningful and passionate careers. I do this by having them do what they need to do, promptly and consistently so that they can support their vision and goals. Through a series of action steps and commitments they find prosperity. Their compensation increases and they feel physical and spiritual vitality. They are able to ask for what they need and find ease and joy when doing this. They become profitable. I also work with individual and couples on relationship skills.


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