Overcoming Fear of Success, Part 2

By Linda M. Smith 

There are three parts to that….

  1. Asking yourself if there is a good reason for you NOT to succeed at achieving your fondest dreams. Hint: the possibility of others’ jealousy of your success as, say, a visual artist, is NOT a good reason to keep yourself from succeeding.
  2. Learning from your mistakes. One reason why that first incarnation of Heart And Star Studios failed is, that I didn’t dream big enough. I thought the purpose was for me to design business logos and brochures, cards, etc., for others’ business and organizations! What I would up doing was creating my own portfolio of 3-fold brochures, 3 x 5 cards, and flyers complete with tear-off contact info for Heart And Star Studios.
  3. Realizing that nothing can kill your dream.   Not even “going broke”.   The difference between being poor and being “broke” is that poor is a frame of mind, while being “broke” is temporary. I may be broke, but I am never broken! I am whole, free, unlimited, infinite love, infinite joy, and infinite wealth! Nothing can stop my dream. I am Angel Food! I feed the Angels with my energy and bliss. I feed my business and all my dreams and true heart’s desires the very same way! With visions, positive affirmations, and writing up my lists and plans of what to do next.   I’m willing to revise my lists and plans along the way. Should Plan A not work out, you have the rest of the English Alphabet! The alphabet also comes in every other written language on Earth.


            True success starts in the heart, and then it travels to the head, hands, and legs and feet! True success soars in the clouds and paints the sky with rainbows. But true success also learns the fine art and science of handling money wisely. Every type of business needs a written, intelligent one-page plan, a Start-Up Budget {realistic yet generous), and a Two Year Cash-Flow Projection. I think that last document is something to impress the bank loan officers, as well as give you and any co-workers an idea of business income and expenses.

            I say that owning your own business is a great mirror where you see all the consequences of your good and bad decisions. Your own business is a perfect reflection of YOU!

            Money is spiritual. Money is not “evil”. People who believe money is “evil” have a very hard time attracting or hanging on to it! They may create debt, unemployment, or being constantly “broke”. Ugh! Make friends with your money; money is Godly, and money is a symbol of universal wealth. Money was invented by humans for human convenience! Money is not meant to take the place of “barter” or “fair trade” of goods and services. Money is cosmic shorthand for “exchange of services, time, love of your work, and skill”.


Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved. I have yet to learn enough about Creative Commons copyright before I let you copy or reuse this!


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