How To Unrape America

My cultural healer’s manual … a Work in Progress
Step 1.  I admit I am powerless over the American culture, and that it’s in deep shift.
This means that crucifying myself won’t fix the UCSB shooting or misogyny,  racism,  and hate.  I’m so sorry I’m not God and therefore can’t unkill the killed.  I feel that Elliott the Killer has raped America.  And I feel it’s my job to unrape America.   After all,  I’m an American.   Love it or hate it; America ain’t going away.
Step 2.  I’m coming to believe God can do things I can’t.   God speaks to me through others when my ego is screaming for my execution!  
Step 3.  I’m turning this problem of massacres on our soil over to the collective wisdom of the American people.  I’ve gotten burned out while trying to save the world!   I’m through with punishing myself for failing to do the impossible.
Step 4.  I need to take an inventory of my true work and concentrate on my job search.  I use money to exchange in return for food, clothes,  housing,  and a great many other things.
So … how do you go about unraping America,  anyways?  Do you just take her out on a date to your Temple of Eros and, with her permission,  massage her vagina and lower lips until all the rape-induced owies go away? 
More will be added to this …


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