The Frogman is a Messenger, Not a Moron

Google M&Ms and poisoned.
The Frogman’s blog comes up.  WOW.  He’s hit a nerve!
He says “saying not all men are monsters is like saying here’s a bowl of M&Ms; only 10% are poisoned;  eat some!”
      I’m Linda.   I don’t eat M&M’s.   They contain nuts.  I have nut allergies.  I know most guys are decent.  I know some guys are abusive jerks. 
      What’s my point?  I don’t know.  Love everybody.   Be kind.  Avoid resentments and bitterness.   I don’t like it when women who have survived bad relationships with men say all men are jerks.
     That’s like saying all women are bitches.  As in, nasty, evil, conniving witches and whores and gold diggers.
     Please.  I thought the battle of the sexes took place in the 70s!
     I’m in need of developing my last few blog posts further. 


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