Thought Soup

Writing keeps me out of trouble!  It makes me less annoying in the public library.

I saw a dead woman in the bathroom.  She was Maya Angelou.  I wrote her  a tribute poem the moment I heard she died.   Like her, I am a poet.  Unlike her, I am not yet famous.

I know that being too addicted to logic can drive you crazy.  That’s why I invented art!  Mermaids and seals and rock stars all dancing in the glimmery waves.  Sometimes naked.  I want to rebuild a world on love and rainbows and genitally obsessed people!  Do it all with love!

I love the Spanish language.  I love the Arabic language.  I truly need to watch more Al-Jazeera.  Al-Jazeera is Arabic for “the Island”.  I can’t string together too many ideas in one place.  Everything comes out of my mind like a water stream from a fire house.  Rainbow faery drops of water.  Pure H20.

Why BDSM?  It’s like masturbation; it feels good.  But it has some real hazards.  People can die from being left in the ropes the wrong way or too long.   That’s why you go places such as the Society of Janus in San Francisco.  To learn classes on how to tie people up safely.  You avoid a lot of 911 calls that way!

Pure randomness!  I think too much Internet porn is bad for me.  My imagination is so much better than reality!  I like Larry Page’s face.  He’s got Google on the brain.  I wonder how much online porn HE’S consumed!  I hope I’m in his fantasies.  Mmmmm!


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