Waste of Time

Unless you’re in love with The Truth, this blog is a waste of your time. But not of mine. For me, this is catharsis.
This library is just disorderly enough, so I know it’s not a Police State. I’m relieved when there’s a little disorder.
I’m still an alien. I miss my cat. My body is a heavy sack of blood. The tampon is quickly turning into a vampire’s teabag. There are women my age who have lost ovaries, breasts, and uteruses (uteri?) to cancer. I orgasm the way I do because I still have all the moving parts!
I just now prayed. I heard someone who sounded like they were n distress. I invoked Love and Kindness. I feel better! A Courage In Miracles says that “All that I give is given to myself.” I highly recommend it. Visit http://www.acim.org for more information.
Moaning One just was heard in the gentleman’s toilet. A guy with a red jacket sniffles loudly to my right. I wonder, does he have a cold? He looks Hispanic. Or mildly white. I dunno.
Cindy my roommate, just moved out today. Meredith, my new roommate, is moving in. I have a feeling I”m supposed to be home. I’m not the kind of writer who normally brings “my ordinary life” into my writings. I figure my ordinary life is going to be boring beyond belief. That the only exciting thing about it is my sexier fantasies. And clairvoyant visions. Everything else is so blasé!


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