After My Death

I will probably be remembered by a very few people. Mom and Dad sure will be sad to see me go. And what few friends I have will miss me.
I will be remembered mostly for my considerable online contributions. My blogs, my posts, my videos, and all that I have said and done online. Which is a vast body of work, overall. When I stop to think about it.
My electronic self will probably outlast my physical self.
By at least 50 years! That’s when I know I’m going to reincarnate in Maui, Hawaii!.
I’ve ruled out suicide and homicide as causes of my death. I won’t die of cancer or in a car accident. In fact, I’ll probably choose to die in my sleep. The quietest, least dramatic, and most peaceful way to “go”.
My spirit guides will simply show up and I’ll breathe my last. Perhaps I”ll orgasm out of my head with my full body. MAHASAMADHI.


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