The Egret …. My Animal of Hope!

I was having very gloomy thoughts of ending it all, when I sat down underneath my favorite huge old eucalyptus tree in Ruus Park, in Hayward, California…. and saw this egret!
He was trying to climb up that tree. I got several shots of him/her. This is one…..

The 20 Glyphs….. I Think they are Layers of the Brain, or Frequencies…

The first one is called IMIX, which I think translates to Alligator in English. The last one is called AHAU, which I think translates to Solar Mind, Ancestors, Flowers, or the God Spot in English.

There’s something about non-English words that awakens the subconscious mind. We have no judgment, so we have no blocks to new information that could benefit us immensely.

M2 Class Flare Reported on Sun Today!

We’ve all heard talk of the “end of the world on Dec. 21, 2012”.  What this really meant is the end of a long Mayan calendar cycle.

I think the Mayan Calendars are about great circles of energy that loop around the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, all human and other beings, and places on Earth, including all sacred places.  Sacred places are spots in Nature where groups of people have made ceremony for perhaps 1000s of years.

The basic unit of the Mayan Calendar is the Tzolk’in.  A Tzolk’in is a fractal in time of 260 days.  Why 260 days?  Because the 13 Mayan numbers times the 20 Day Glyphs equals 260 days.  I’m told this is about 9 months in Gregorian (Western calendar) time.

I propose a theory…. how a culture views time is how it views itself.  This comes to my mind.  This is an idea worth exploring.

The Muslim societies have their calendars based on the Moon.  So do the Chinese.   All major cultures that have stood the test of time, have a great bundle of stories called “religion”.   The modern-day stories in our culture are usually told by the Media.

Stories are a powerful medicine.  You can demonize the police or you can make them look like heroes.  The Media are very good at manipulating emotion in that way!

I”m getting off the subject of Mayan calendars here.  Or maybe not.  These are the “wheels within wheels” to which the Bible refers.  I know the Mayan calendar is very non-rational and mind-blowing.  It’s also  based on the cycles of Venus as well as the synchronicity between Galactic Mind and the Sun.  Hunab K’u is the Galactic Mind, or the One Giver of Movement and Measure.  The Sun is Solar Mind, also known as K’in to the Mayans.

Perhaps a certain energy impulse coming from the Sun will knock out parts or all of the North American power grid.  The Voices say Yes it is going to happen.  The Internet is opening the way for telepathy, which is opening the way for Post-Technology Life.

The Seattle shaman artist who got the map of Post Diseaster Seattle, is probably being visited by his Future Self, who gave him that map.  I saw him and that map on Kickstarter.  What a beautiful map!

This is why the Seattleite Visionaries were told by Some HIgher Power to build that Free Food Forest in or near Seattle.  They are preparing for that huge Electromagnetic Impulse.  The one that could punch holes in American civilization as we know it.




New Art by Linda

  1. I am still synchronizing iPad with Google Drive and WordPress. Cloud technology is still very new. Tech is evolving at a dizzying pace.
    I love technology! It’s my main path to fame, along with the Dreamtime.
    I feel about my computer the same way that most Americans feel about their cars. Can’t live without it!

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My Darling Craig Chaquico!

Craig Chaquico with Jefferson Starship
Craig Chaquico from his Jefferson Starship days

I have loved you ever since the 80s Jefferson Starship days. And now, I love you more than ever. I’ve been lucky enough to see you live.
I am laying my naked body on top of yours. You kiss me from head to toe. There aren’t words to convey my deep ocean of passion to you.
I cradle your face between my thighs. Your voice, it caresses my ear. I touch you with my fingers of longing. I paint you with my kisses.
Your guitar makes love to me. I make love to your guitar with my guitar. You, my darling Craig, are my beloved.
You are once face of the Cosmic Lover, My Cosmic Lover Man of a 1000 Faces ….
I know you were St. Sebastian in a past life. Craig. I’m the one who nursed you back to health.