How to Explain my Current Wild Adventure?

     Am I trying to divorce myself from humanity?  Because I will fail!
     I haven’t forgotten the feeling of 4 walls and a roof surrounding me!  This may become a thing of the past soon … by my choice.   To the rational person,  this is frightening!
      I haven’t forgotten my sexuality.  I’ve tried!  I see beautiful men and women, so much skin on display!   Long legs.  Male muscles.  Female breasts kissing the air.
    I want to fuck someone. 
    I gave up eyeglasses so I wouldn’t have to see the judgement in their eyes.
     I’ve tried giving up all anger.  I think I’ve failed there, too.
      I’m very quiet on the outside,  these days.  I’m a bit shy.
      I’m contemplating a sleeping bag in the wilderness!   Part of me says that’s insane!  There are wildfires up North in Southern Oregon.  Ash fills the air.  I can’t see the mountain.
      It’s time to sign up for my free Angel Activation!   It’s Archangel Michael and 5D Star healing.  Some kind of grid.


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