Random Thoughts for Today

I’d better write this now, while I still have time and am allowed outside of The Shelter.
I’m SO GLAD to be here in Siskiyou County. My beloved Mount Shasta lies about 23 miles below this Northern town. Maybe 33? Not sure. Must use Google maps to find exact distance in miles!
Why do they think of Mick Jagger as arrogant? Because he’s been famous and rich forever, and is a very prominent English rock star? That’s not my experience of him.
Confession…. I’m a telepath, and I’ve had telepathic conversations with rock stars since at least the time I took myself off of medications. I know that the truth is never boring! Mick Jagger is very down-to-Earth, and a gentle lover. He’s also bi-sexual. He’s slept with men such as David Bowie and one of his former band-members, a young blonde English gentleman with beautiful lips and a gentle air.
I sit typing this at the lone public library in Northern Town. I have spent 2 nights in a motel, 2 more nights at a campground sans tent, and 1 night in The Shelter. I am definitely qualified to stay there for awhile.
I’m not in much of a mood to work or even seek for work! I want to read random things…. USAToday, the Wall Street Journal, romantic paperbacks, the SF Chron, and even try something new like a Western or a mystery or new sci-fi author.
I know that one cure for boredom is trying new things. New foods, new people, new places, even a new form of shopping! I’ve found some incredible bargains at thrift stores. They are havens for the cash-strapped.
I feel I owe you some kind of picture!


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