Being Homeless

I never thought I’d wind up at a place such as The MIssion.
All because I refused to take medications at the last place, which was The Shelter. I guess some people were disturbed by all my talk of self-destruction due to abject failure at being God(like).
In other words, I haven’t changed the world as a whole. I haven’t stopped the wars. I didn’t prevent Robin Williams’ suicide. I didn’t stop the Americans from bombing ISIS in Iraq. Perhaps my consciousness helped Stu the Jew carry the prayers of the starving Arabs on that mountain to President Obama and the Food Air droppers of America. I know I sent my prayers and Angels to Iraq.
I send my angels everywhere where there’s trouble! My Angels tend to garner media attention. And lots of it! I”m obviously in league with Gabriel!
Life at The Mission. Up at 5:45am. A big room full of women and a few small kids laying on thin mattresses with a quilt, a bottom sheet, and a pillow apiece. A roomful of women and children snoring, farting, or sometimes crying (some of the toddlers). Moms shushing their tots to sleep.
Breakfast by maybe 6:30am to 7am in that giant room known as The Chapel. Which doubles as the cafeteria. Somewhat long-winded but good-hearted preacher gives out a morning prayer after a story about how he met Jesus or how some guy survived Viet Nam or some such piece of American history that played out when I was young. “Ladies, line up first!” goes the call. The men outnumber the women by at least 5 to 1.
The whole place shuts by 8am. The drug and alcohol recovery groups begin for women, and I presume, men. I have no drug or alcohol history. I never even took up smoking! I’m very healthy and still slender at 49. My slenderness is a miracle.
I practice guitar in front of the lockers. Everyone’s stuff is stored in there. Then, I write my morning pages in the courtyard of the Tan Building, also known as the women’s dorm. Then, I go off to the local public library.
Let’s call this Hot City. Temps can reach triple digits in summer. I”m told many ex jail residents live here. The public transport here is definitely more abundant than in the City of Crystal Dreams, which lies 70 miles North of here.
My profession of technology and computer-coding is known to make piles of money. I have some computer coding ability. But I’m more writer and artist than a techie. I just happen to use the Internet as my Road to Fame.
I can’t wait to get a stable, happy, affordable, pretty new home. I need a kitty to cuddle! Or a whole roomful of kitties. Four-legged furries!
Lunch is at 12 noon. Dinner is at 5:15 pm. Daily Brain Wash Session is right after. Also known as “chapel”. It irritates me when the preacher focuses more on “sin” and “adultery” and “homosexuality is bad” than they do on “peace” and “Love” and “save the planet NOW”.
I’m finding out that free food and rent comes at a high price. I”m looking forward to paying my own bills again. I”m saving the money I normally would spend on rent and groceries, to pay Move In Costs on my new place. Totally worth it!


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