Angry Self Speaks

Chuck D and Flavor Flave of Public Enemy…. in… da… house!
No. I don’t know anything about Public Enemy. Am not into rap music. But their message to me is, “Linda, it’s OK to get angry.”
Chuck D: You need you a home!
Flavor Flave: Hello! It’s me, Flavor Flave!
Hello, Chuck and Flavor! It’s Linda!
I”m angry because I don’t have a home. I’m angry because I have created a poor life for myself. I”m deeply sorry I suffer from addictive, chronic underearning.
I see in me a Minister, a Musician, a Courtesan, a Paramedic, and a very frustrated artist.
I see in me a WIFE.
Wife. You have no idea how profoundly beautiful a word that is! I wish I were a bridal grown model.
Spouse. Husband. I WANT A HUSBAND. Fuck this. Fuck all this. I don’t CARE if that is a stupid dream. Stupid, my ass. It’s MY FUCKING DREAM!
I”m firing myself as a Higher Power. I’ve been positively shitty to myself.
Thank you for sharing! God, get me out of deprivation.
Honey, you have to let me and PEOPLE help you. I love you.
Thank you, God, for Sister Mary, the band, and the church BBQ. I needed those people. I like to think they needed me, too.
Thank you for my life.


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