Muriel’s Wedding Speaks to Me

I don’t know how many times I’ve watched Muriel’s Wedding. I totally relate to that shy, somewhat overweight, but very beautiful Aussie shiela named Muriel.
The film starts with Muriel attending the wedding of a friend. Her friends are snotty bitches. (Whew… so much for nice girl….) She accidentally catches the groom fucking one of the bridesmaids in the laundry room! Soon after, she’s arrested at the wedding for shoplifting! S
Muriel has her own freaky fashion sense. She always wears the wrong outfit, but at the right time. She has a fabulous body and thick, flaming red hair! Her father is a verbally abusive City Councillor. Her mother, a harried housewife with maybe a low IQ and who’s serving a bunch of lazy adult children who also refuse to get jobs!
Muriel is given a job by Deirdrie, selling cosmetics. She runs away to a tropical island, stealing most of the family money, and meets her old high school buddy, Rhonda. Together, they have a good time, and show those snobby women a thing or two!
Muriel moves to Sydney and shares an apartment with Rhonda. She gets a date with a nice bloke, a police inspector. Rhonda is a wild woman, who dates two American sailors. In a very long and eventful night, Rhonda falls down, and gets taken by ambulance to the hospital, where she gets diagnosed with a spinal cancer tumor. She gets sugery, and winds up in a wheelchair. Muriel takes care of her….
Until Muriel decides she wants to get married… and finds a bloke in a catalog of men looking for brides!
Muriel is a huge fan of Abba and she collects photos of bridal dress models. And later, tries on every bridal dress in Sydney! All along making up a story about a sick relative who needs to see her in a wedding dress.
Best of all, Muriel invents a fiancé. An imaginary bloke named Tim Simms. Only later does Rhonda find out he’s a made-up story!
That’s the end of my Part 1. I”m doing this on the fly….


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