My iPad 2 has broken!

I am experiencing many feelings. Distress. Sadness. A true attachment to Tech.
This is my laptop on the road. My iPad 2. And my Clavier keyboard, which doubles as its cover.
I think this happened just outside of The Mission. Right after lunch.
Wait. It must have happened in front of the gas station. Right BEFORE lunch. I remember my backpack falling over from its perch about 2 1/2 feet above ground.
One corner of my iPad was dinged about 2 days before today! That’s when I noticed it.
I am very sad. I need the Savings to afford Move In Costs to my next home. IF I can find someone brave enough to rent to me!


Mandelas Influence Sleep


         I’m finding mandelas to be a wonderful gateway to the subconscious mind, or dreams. 
         It’s good to use 4 compass points for the 4 cardinal directions.   I like to use multiple colors as well as various geometric shapes.  I play with assymettry as well as repetition of symbols and shapes. 
          Avove is titled Face Mandela, done in Prismacolor pencils and graphite pencil.  Art by Linda M Smith.

Spirit Guides

          Part of my mind?  Or real?  I say both!
          I can take on the qualities of any animal or plant.  Hummingbird is one of mine.   I dreamed I became a hummingbird!  I flew through the air.
         Reality is illusion.  Love or fear are the two sole vibrations.  Perfect love casts out fear.  Reality is far more malleable than we think!

End-Of-Life Conversation

I foresee palliative care as a growing medical field. Apparently, there’s not yet enough of it.
What is the “end-of-life conversation?” This is Linda’s take on it….. It’s where I have a talk with my Death. Do I wish to die now…. or not?
My end-of-life can occur shortly after I turn 50. Or, I can renew my Most Sacred Contract for another 12 years. Hmmmm….. at 49, I wonder, why am I still alive?
Am I still alive for the positive possibility of “getting laid”? It’s more than that. I think I’m alive to give and receive pleasure as well as service.
Some people recently have told me they hope I die in a vehicular accident. I have prayed for them. I have experienced anger at them. They are very, very messed-up people! I am NOT ready to EVER die of “a vehicular accident.”
I have too much self-respect to stand in front of an oncoming train! I’m concerned it would cause trauma to the driver of said train! Do you realize it takes quite a long while to stop a freight train coming down the tracks at, say, 40 mph? It’s not like driving a car!
I also don’t want to wind up hurt. Standing in front of a TRAIN….. OUCH! Shit. That would effing HURT! I’m too much in love with pleasure to do that. I’m a creature of comfort. I love to rub this expensive lotion on parts of my body that get dry and tan in the sun. Burt’s Bee’s Milk and Honey lotion.
But enough about trains. Back to my end-of-life conversation.
Before I decide whether to die physically, I want to go to Courtesan School. I want to go to Europe for a whole summer. I want to revisit Hawaii. I want to land in Oahu this time. That’s where Honolulu airport and harbor are.
I”m making a Bucket List. Giving up celibacy…. or Having Sexual Fun of the Partnered, Embodied Kind, is NUMERO UNO on my “bucket list”. I want to kiss a woman! I want to go to bed with her! I want to try out more BDSM. I want to be a porn star. I want to try on a couple. OH, what to do? What to do?????
To me, sex and death are connected. I’m scared of my power. I feel like Goddess Kali! I’m learning to WORK with my power, DANCE with my power, MAKE LOVE with my power, and yes, FUCK with my power.
Forget fucking.
“Don’t forget fucking. Lust hasn’t forgotten YOU.”
This conversation will be continued.



This is a representation of my erotic side.  People like Bono and Richard Branson move me to do this.  Without privacy,  there’s no room in my current life for this.  So, I channel my energy into humor,  art,  and pure psychological survival.   And I desperately need a home!

Metatron’s Cube


          I’m sure this isn’t 100% accurate,  but I’ve attempted this anyways.  I’m very into mandalas these days.
           And I know that putting something inside the Cube of Metatron is a secret of creation.  I see at least 2 Stars of David and 12 circles plus two hexagons,  inside of a true Cube of Metatron.   I added the colors to stimulate the brain.   Because I heard that color impresses the subconscious mind 7 times faster than black and white.   That was in the 70s.
           I guess that means,  if I want my art to slow down your brain,  than black and white is a good choice!