Heart Brain!

Did you know that the heart has its own neurological network?  It can radiate up to 1,000 times more powerful than the brain inside the skull!  And I think that sex energy ecstasy (kundalini) actually makes you more intelligent.   Intelligence is about connection!  And knowing when to disconnect! 




My Escape


     I truly want to move out of The Mission ASAP.  I’m seeking and finding a wonderful new home to move to!
     It’s not all about escaping the unpleasant and unacceptable.  It’s also about moving on to much more desirable circumstances!  
      God, thank you!  Make it quick!

Self Prompt Poem

I have a need
To plant a seed
It’s not elegant
I have not a 3-part plot
And no, I’m not always hot
sex is not the only engine driving my brain car
hairy cat ass is not the only thing in my face
I’m all over the place
This poem has no plot
I’m finding the one wide enough doorway
Between Acts 1 and 2, and Acts 2 and 3
My life is not a novel
There is no end.
My death is a comma, not a period.

Swimming Mandala


This one reminds me of swimming.  We can enter the dream world through meditation and trance drumming, not just the nightly sleep.  People who spend 1/3 of their lives asleep are obviously connected to the Dream and sleep world.  Sleep is indispensable to sanity and happiness as well as health.

Today’s Mandala


     Hot off the presses!   Prismacolor pencils and Pilot G2 07 black gel pen.  Art by Linda M Smith,  7 x 10 Canson 98 lb. sketchbook. 
     Mandelas are gateways to the mind,  dreams,  and trance states.  I don’t remember who or where I got the mandala making idea from.  Probably some Dream incubation book by some woman mystic who’s obviously a very skilled dreamer.  Dreams are very important.  Dreams matter more than what passes as “the real world”. 

I Am Not Afraid To Be Stupid

     I flash my panties at elephants.  Just to torment them.  My personal elephant is very small!  He fits in my pocket.  His trunk slipped out.  My boyfriend mistook it for my penis, and protested,  “Butt I’m not gay!”  I pulled up my shirt to show him my tits, which had been dyed purple, in honor of Deep Purple,  my favorite masturbation fantasy rock band.
     I want to be a super hero.  A flying roast beef sandwich, with wings!  I want to feed a camel.  So I can come out his asshole.  As smelly earth.  Then I’d attract flies!  To feed the hungry frogs!
     The world is full of hungry frogs.  They don’t need a government to help feed them.  Unlike some of us.  Have I reached 100 words yet, teacher?