I Am Not Afraid To Be Stupid

     I flash my panties at elephants.  Just to torment them.  My personal elephant is very small!  He fits in my pocket.  His trunk slipped out.  My boyfriend mistook it for my penis, and protested,  “Butt I’m not gay!”  I pulled up my shirt to show him my tits, which had been dyed purple, in honor of Deep Purple,  my favorite masturbation fantasy rock band.
     I want to be a super hero.  A flying roast beef sandwich, with wings!  I want to feed a camel.  So I can come out his asshole.  As smelly earth.  Then I’d attract flies!  To feed the hungry frogs!
     The world is full of hungry frogs.  They don’t need a government to help feed them.  Unlike some of us.  Have I reached 100 words yet, teacher?

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