Please let me be a storyteller!

A storyteller’s prayer…
May I always be honest and compassionate at the same time.
May I realize I am not the only one who suffers.
Thank you for my boyfriend.  And for the fact I am a sex healer with a heart of gold! 
Total honesty with compassion is the way to go.  Compassion embraces all beings.  Even the bullies.  Even rapists and murderers.
Compassion embraces the crying child at the supermarket.  And the mother who’s menstrual and having to show up at work anyways because she’s supporting a house,  a car, and that crying child.
Linda,  I’m so sorry for all the years that I verbally abused you.  Linda and I share the same clothes,  wear the same shoe size and even chew our food together!
  Because of that menstrual mother,  I still have teeth at 49! 
Yesterday, I thought I didn’t have the right to breathe air.  Now, my heart is melting like cement in rain.
For compassionate woman and stone woman are the same creature.  I want to be a great writer one day.
I can’t heal you of your shame left over from when the teacher told you you couldn’t spell.   But I can encourage you to pick up the pen and fly across paper landscapes.
I have the right to brag when I’m telling the truth.  I wish I had room for my dreams.
I wish I could give it all away without hurting myself.
I wish I were what I know in my heart I already am.


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