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     World’s Most Fascinating Window.  For no good reason,  other than it’s mine!  Also a very good pictorial definition of “backlit”.  Lulu, my Berkeley City College art teacher, first told me of the importance of “backlighting” when creating realistic illustrations of scenes from cafes and other real life illustrations.   The adept illustrator can easily adapt this to painting in media such as acrylics and watercolors.


Reservation Confirmed: A Reading List About Airbnb


It’s easy to get distracted while reading about Airbnb. First, the listings themselves range from luxurious to quaint, and if you have any sort of upcoming vacation planned … well, let’s say it’s a timesuck. Double if you have I-want-to-see-where-you-live voyeuristic tendencies. Second, Airbnb is giving away $1 million to customers who document their random acts of kindness, which is a hell of a headline and a bit of an oxymoron. Airbnb’s detractors are firm and its fans are rabid; Its prices, tempting. I’m planning a trip to Seattle in the summer—we’ll see where I end up sleeping. Here are five pieces about Airbnb hosts, the company’s founders, its guests and its implications for city politics.

1. “The Dumbest Person in Your Building is Passing Out the Keys to Your Front Door!” (Jessica Pressler, New York Magazine, September 2013)

Two idealistic art students founded Airbnb, and business boomed once the recession…

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Linda’s 2014 Review



     This is a drawing of the story of the last 5 months of 2014.  I’d already lost my cat to death.  I had to escape a domestic violence situation way back in April.  (Roommate,  not lover!)  I went to Mount Shasta City,  hung out a few days, couldn’t find housing, so landed in Yreka.
      They sent me to The Mission in Redding, California, after less than a week.  And there I stayed for 3 months.  It was crowded, noisy, smelly and zero privacy.  But I did make friends and saved a bunch of money.
      Am happy to report I’ve been safely and happily housed for at least 1.5 months as of this writing!



     I’m creating more sketchbook art.  This is Beyonce, singer and wife of Jay-Z.   I think she and Jay-Z would make an excellent Nativity scene!  🙂 
     I used a charcoal vine.  Those things are long, dark, soft … and notoriously breakable!   Thank God for Lulu’s figure drawing and anatomy art class.  We didn’t do portraits justice on our discussions.  We focused on full body nudes.  Which was also immensely useful!