From the sketchbook of Linda M Smith.  I started with just a sphere, added some human legs and arms in a power gesture, then decided to add a cat head.  Looks a bit like a Maine Coon breed. 
     I’m ready to do commissioned artwork.  You choose the subject matter and we decide together on the best medium!  Message or email me to talk over your Artistic Desires. 


Mare Sea Goddess


     Pronounced Ma-RAY, this one was conceived while glancing at someone else’s Facebook profile.  I borrowed the idea of pointy colorful beings from that woman’s posted artwork.  (Artist unknown to me).  I’ve taken multiple drawing classes including an anatomy and figure drawing class featuring live nude models.  I’m forever thankful to the brave men and women who posed for all us 20 or so Berkeley City College artists.  I’m grateful to Lulu and also to Jennie Braman, two of my recent art teachers.  I’m no longer just self-taught. 
     It takes a village to make an artist.

People Basket


     Spontaneous art from the sketchbook of Linda M Smith.  This is a pink moleskin sketchbook I bought with business funds about 2 years ago at the Blick art supply store in Berkeley, California.  It’s my hometown.  I also got a 12-pack of Prismacolor pencils and a little black zip-up pencil bag to  carry these and some graphite pencils of various grades.  Plus a double brass pencil sharpener.  This is my on-the-road Artist’s Toolkit.  Indispensable!