The Way Out


     This is inspired by a vision I had of a Native American holding up an 18 x 24 ” pad of artist’s paper.  The kind I used in my community college illustration classes, along with an illustrator’s clipboard which is a bit larger. 
     Art form the sketchbook of Linda M Smith.  Pencils on paper in pink moleskine sketchbook.  You can buy these at Blick art stores or Barnes and Noble bookstores.  They’re excellent! 




     A simple illustration from the sketchbook of Linda M Smith.  Pilot G2 07 black gel pen on paper.  I probably took 15 minutes to do this.  Wasn’t watching the clock.  Having too much fun inventing naked people doing ordinary and wonderful things!  I plan to draw a lot more. 
     I’m going to work in color as well as black and white.  Black and white really means shades of gray and different line thicknesses.  Usually in pencils and charcoal and/or graphite.

Mardi Gras Masque


     From the sketchbook of Linda M Smith.  Inspired by another female artist’s tumbled glass art.  Masks have always been an important part of costtumes and rituals since the time of Inannaand Tammuz.  Maybe longer.  Art for me is a soul healer.  And a safe sexual outlet.  At least when I draw humans and spirit beings in the act of love and pleasure sometimes known as sex or love making.