In defense of shallowness. … and Bruce Jenner who graced the Wheaties cereal box when I was a kid in the 1970s …


My so far nude fingernails. … there’s a Mediate dot com campaign to Paint Your Nails In Solidarity With Bruce Jenner …. who’s been having a tough time lately. …


This Is A Work In Progress

Artist’s Resume
Linda M Smith Education
Junior High  art class Mrs. Chotard
High School Michaelangelo and Artemesia Gentilesci  (Art 1 and 2)
Merritt Community College beginning watercolor
Berkeley Adult School Intro to Illustrator 8, Drop In Painting/Drawing
Berkeley City College digital multimedia
College of the Siskiyous in Weed, CA
Intro to Acrylic Painting Dennis Weathers
Berkeley City College, Figure Drawing and Anatomy, taught by Lulu
Intermediate Drawing, taught by Jennie Braman
Artist’s Gallery Exhibitions
The Cherry In Mount Shasta, acrylic painting, Weed River Run Gallery, circa 2010
Portrait of Mick Jagger, acrylic on canvas, SAC Gallery, circa 2011
God Jar, sharpie on glass, SAC, circa 2010 Gallery Community Exhibition
Owner of Heart And Star Studios,  http://heartandstarstudios.WordPress.com

prayer for Siskiyou Artists

     It is with sadness that I note the passing away of the Siskiyou Arts Council.  The gallery phone number isn’t working. 

     But there is a resurrection following every crucifixion!  I remember showing my Mick Jagger portrait at the SAC Gallery in Mount Shasta City YEARS ago.  Like, way back when, in 2010?  I remember having art accepted and rejected there.  Mostly rejected.  I remember having to pay the $5 fee whether my stuff got accepted or not. 

     I remember hearing about the SAC art bus being broken into!  Some very angry blocked artist, I thought.  We never did find out who dunnit.  

     I pray that my art and I are going to help heal somebody of their shame and guilt around sexuality and spirituality.  Sex and spirit are never apart, in my eyes.  

     My desire for fame is natural.  Fame to me means positive visibility in the community.   

     Fame is service not grandiosity …. it is a tool of the Lord to me … I am a channel of God and the angels and the universal cosmic erotic bliss with gobs of friendship and sparkly faery dust and angel kisses and money raining down …,

North State Collage


     Cut up magazine on 18 x 24 ” paper pad.  I’m exploring working big.  The Voices long ago told me, “Work big”.  I’m drawn to multi media and collage. 
     I have my Artist’s Toolkit as well as my digital and paper portfolios.  I have given away or abandoned a lot of my art over the years.  Wish I could get paid for it.  It’s all about the marketing when one of my Artist’s goals is to make money,  love, or fame.


To Leigh Wilder … my new marketing guru …. fellow writer.  Twitter says User Not Found.  Oh come on.  You’re found.  I’m not lost.  Your advice on self publishing may contain  gold for me. 

How the heck are you?  I’m Linda.  Happy Easter!  Congrats if you Googled #youreit and found ME and your name is Leigh Wilder!  LGBT erotica?