prayer for Siskiyou Artists

     It is with sadness that I note the passing away of the Siskiyou Arts Council.  The gallery phone number isn’t working. 

     But there is a resurrection following every crucifixion!  I remember showing my Mick Jagger portrait at the SAC Gallery in Mount Shasta City YEARS ago.  Like, way back when, in 2010?  I remember having art accepted and rejected there.  Mostly rejected.  I remember having to pay the $5 fee whether my stuff got accepted or not. 

     I remember hearing about the SAC art bus being broken into!  Some very angry blocked artist, I thought.  We never did find out who dunnit.  

     I pray that my art and I are going to help heal somebody of their shame and guilt around sexuality and spirituality.  Sex and spirit are never apart, in my eyes.  

     My desire for fame is natural.  Fame to me means positive visibility in the community.   

     Fame is service not grandiosity …. it is a tool of the Lord to me … I am a channel of God and the angels and the universal cosmic erotic bliss with gobs of friendship and sparkly faery dust and angel kisses and money raining down …,

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