Heart Of the World Comes to Linda!

Heart …. shall I pay $50 for the program that created this?  Or not?  Hello from the Heart of Linda to the Heart of the World!  I love you!  I wish you all well….

More More More ArtRage Digital Art by Linda

more more more
More More More is the title of this piece.      I am experimenting with a new digital painting program called ArtRage.  It’s free, or you can pay about $50 to get the whole thing.  Google listed it among the Top 10 free digital painting programs.  I like it , so far! 

The Cosmos According To Linda


     I started out using just red and green wavy lines in a rough circular shape.  Then the orange spiral came.  That big blue pointy thing just evolved.  Then emerged a pair of eyes and some skinny bodies made of mostly wavy red, green and pinkish-purple lines. 
     7 x 10 paper with Conte.  From the sketchbook of Linda M Smith. 

Cats And Halos


     I love cats.  I picked up a sheet of stickers from the Dollar Tree.  I experiment with many colors.  Illustrations with pencils and pen or mixed media are my favorite.  Never needs a battery.  Cheaper than Adobe Everything Under the Sun. 
     I love Adobe Creative Cloud!  But it’s very spendy for me.  Perhaps when I find an Angel Investor?  Someone in this world wants my services as a fine and digital artist.  A great many someones!
     Research.  Communications.  Persistence.  Magic words.  Move a muscle; change a thought! 
     Above is from the sketchbook of Linda M Smith.  Hot off the presses!  7 x 10 in 98 lb Canson mixed media spiral bound.  With Prismacolor and graphite pencils plus stickers. 

Journey Escape Memories


     Around 1981, Journey the rock band released “Escape”.  I remember first hearing Jonathan Cain’s piano riffs from “Don’t Stop Believin'” pouring out of my friend’s tape.  Her name was Suzie Shapiro.  We were all teenagers on a field trip in someone’s car. 
     Above are depicted Neal Schon, the guitar player, and Steve Smith,  the drummer, as they appeared on the Escape LP album sleeve.  LPs were black, round, 10-inch grooved vinyl things with music embedded in all those grooves.  Sunlight could warp them badly enough to make the record skip.  Today they are found in antique shops (!) And old record stores. 
     Journey were my high school heart throbs. 

Might As Well


     Bend the edges of politeness without going pornographic.  This is the best way, for me.  I’m talkin’ ’bout 18 x 24″ multimedia paper pad, with oil pastels.  I’m photographing my own artwork in stages.  See how my artist’s mind works. 
     I tend to work fast and cover a lot of territory.  A lot like how I dance!  Or fantasize about romantic and lusty situations!   Mmmmm ….