Rude Shapes Updated

      I’m looking at my mind evolving here ….


     …. trying to show my artwork and all I get is this Silk Road Chai Shop cafe …. gorgeous place in Mount Shasta City.  Free movie nights and sacred music, open mics … please visit this place when traveling I-5 from Redding, California to Ashland, Oregon.  A nice retired gentleman owns it.  Love donations taken. 

Fun With Dollar Stickers


     I love working with mixed media.  Basically anything that’s flat and goes well on paper.  Or, as Dad says, “dead trees!” 
     I took Crayola markers and some Dollar Tree stickers.  I have a denim tote bag full of art supplies.  Zip-up top, which is the  Holy Grail of tote bags for the non-drivers living in areas where it can rain or snow. 
     From the sketchbook of Linda M Smith.