Local NorCal Cafes

I sure hope I haven’t already published one of these here.  NorCal is also known as God’s Country.  The rents up here are  way more manageable for me than rents in my home of SF Bay Area.  wpid-20150707_153847.jpg


Rude Shapes Updated

      I’m looking at my mind evolving here ….


     …. trying to show my artwork and all I get is this Silk Road Chai Shop cafe …. gorgeous place in Mount Shasta City.  Free movie nights and sacred music, open mics … please visit this place when traveling I-5 from Redding, California to Ashland, Oregon.  A nice retired gentleman owns it.  Love donations taken. 

Fun With Dollar Stickers


     I love working with mixed media.  Basically anything that’s flat and goes well on paper.  Or, as Dad says, “dead trees!” 
     I took Crayola markers and some Dollar Tree stickers.  I have a denim tote bag full of art supplies.  Zip-up top, which is the  Holy Grail of tote bags for the non-drivers living in areas where it can rain or snow. 
     From the sketchbook of Linda M Smith.