Mount Shasta Wonders


Linda’s answer to news reports of depressing subjects and also too much sex material on Facebook.  Make art!

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    I’m Linda M Smith.  I’m Swalwelling on my ceiling in Mount Shasta, California.  I’m playing Hybrid Tag with #repericswalwell


     I get horny.  A lot.  My mind is a sexy place.  Thank God.  I have a universe of sexy fantasies.  I need more money.  I AM more money.  I AM God disguised as Linda.  I am still finding myself.  Writing is a great substitute for us who are unfucked. 
     At sexy lady …. do me!  At sexy man …. I hope I see your erection more often.  Nothing like a good boner behind an experience zipper.  Especially when Millennial dude wears a very nice hat.