Trying Out New iPhone 6S 

Am getting latest art from Google drive to insert here.  

      Above is Sparkly Mandala from the sketchbook of Linda M Smith 😍❤️



Cafe Sketch


     I’m not always carrying my big paper sketchbook on me.  
     And that’s when I turn to Skitch, a free digital sketchbook app.  I drew this young man sitting by himself with his laptop at Wassayaks Cafe in Mount Shasta.   Best wi-fi in town next to my own home. 

October Surprise


     I’m discovering new mandala creation techniques on Pinterest.  I’m still improving. 
     The above is made with black and colored Pilot G2 07 gel pens.  From the sketchbook of Linda M Smith. 
     I’m hoping to sell my art one day.  I think the secret to selling my artwork is marketing.  I need to form several action groups with commercially successful artists.