Linda’s Xmas Cards 8 and 9 (?)

The Nativity Scene, mixed media on paper.  I have sold 5 of these so far!  I’m going to make more of these soonest!  Message me if you wish to purchase at $5 each.

Also pictured are two hands giving the gift of a diamond engagement ring with two Christmas earrings.  Someone must have marriage on the mind!


ISIS in Linda’s Adult Coloring Book page 3

     I based this on a Google photo of “ISIS the Goddess”.  I’m taking back the name of ISIS from the terrorists.  I’m focusing on the Egyptian Mother Goddess.  Geb (pronounced Gaib) was her Dad; Nut (pronounced Nu-EET) was her Mom.  Osirius was her husband; Horus was her son.  It is said that after Set, the brother of Osirius, killed him, ISIS got the secret codes of RA from the Sun God, and resurrected Osirius.  She reassembled his entire body.  The only thing missing was his penis, which was eaten by a whale!  Then, she gave birth to Horus.  She breastfed him.  There are probably many other stories of ISIS which I don’t yet know or remember.  But I’m very intrigued!  

Halloween Hearts 

     I did this with colored conte crayons.  I had no idea I would create this.  I just have an affinity for Hearts and Stars.  

     Conte crayons are really square chalk pastels.  Hard and about 2.5 in. apiece, the beginning art student is told to purchase one apiece of a black, white, tan, and dark brown conte.  

     This keyboard won’t allow me an accent on the end of the word “conte”. I’m proud to be old-school in my attention to spelling, grammar and punctuation.  Accents and diacritics are a part of many languages, like it or not!