ISIS in Linda’s Adult Coloring Book page 3

     I based this on a Google photo of “ISIS the Goddess”.  I’m taking back the name of ISIS from the terrorists.  I’m focusing on the Egyptian Mother Goddess.  Geb (pronounced Gaib) was her Dad; Nut (pronounced Nu-EET) was her Mom.  Osirius was her husband; Horus was her son.  It is said that after Set, the brother of Osirius, killed him, ISIS got the secret codes of RA from the Sun God, and resurrected Osirius.  She reassembled his entire body.  The only thing missing was his penis, which was eaten by a whale!  Then, she gave birth to Horus.  She breastfed him.  There are probably many other stories of ISIS which I don’t yet know or remember.  But I’m very intrigued!  


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