2015 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 410 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 7 trips to carry that many people.

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Cat Pounces 4 Directions 

YaHabibi likes to pounce on my artwork when I am doing it in bed, which is a pain!  He also loves to attack my feet! He likes hugging my arms a lot.  I call my kitten “the original kitty bracelet”.  The above is a 4 Directions Mandala.  I find these are very good at stimulating dreams!  This is done in crayon, graphite, and Pilot G2 07 gel pens– mixed media.

Oceanic Handiwork With Zentangles

This starts with my left hand hovering above the page with my pencil. Then, I added some colors with Prismacolors, which blend great or look good in clean lines. I then added some “Zentangles”. There’s an entire book on how to do these! Finally, I added some creatures that remind me of the ocean.

It’s no accident that so much of Earth’s surface is covered by ocean, which is mostly salt water filled with sea creatures and plant life! Including plankton and seaweed plus coral.

Cat Thumbs Up

My cat is finding his furry way into more and more of my art!  The shell looks a lot like my kitten, YaHabibi, is giving a thumbs-up!  I added rocks, my blue pillow, and some creatures.  Bizarre but not creepy or macabre!  From the sketchbook of Linda M Smith.  I’m striving for 1 sketchbook page per day.  7 X 9 Canson XL 96 lb paper, suited for all media including watercolor pen, pencils, and light collage.


BacheBazi is a form of sex slavery commonly practiced in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  It involves gay paedophiles using boys for sex activities.  These are often street kids from very poor families.  The ones in power are trying to outlaw this.  The music these kids dance to is beautiful and tribal.  The kids earn enough money to buy food, drugs, and whatever else is needed.  I’m praying for an overall societal healing.  The women and girls stay at home.  The worst places for crime and dangerous people are the public bus terminals.  These people are Muslims; I don’t know which sect.  Probably some are of the Pashtun tribe.  There is much we don’t know about the Middle East.

I added my cat, YaHabibi, and some triangles in there.  The boy dancing in the dress is drawn from my memory of a documentary, “Pakistan’s Shame”.  I attempted to capture one of the musical instruments played by a live musician.  Afghanistan has lived through many wars and invasions.  No doubt these have deeply impacted their culture.

YaHabibi is Arabic for “sweetheart”.  Arabic writing looks like a bunch of dancing snakes recently ran over by a steamroller!


I simply took some Dollar Store stickers and stuck some I liked at random.  Then I took some Prismacolors and maybe two graphite pencils, and just moved colors and lines around.  My art teacher once said I don’t use a lot of “values”.  But I know how to blend colors, as well as black and white!  I like the way some stickers capture the flash of my iPhone 6S camera, which is pretty high-res!

Secret Garden 

This started out as just another page in my new Adult Coloring book, but quickly evolved into something a bit more sophisticated.  I borrowed from an old Tarot card from the Pentacles section of the Rider-Waite Deck.  This is a young man from another century, dressed as a nobleman’s son.  He is safe here.  He holds a bird of prey on his leathered forearm.

Good Enough Creature Mandala

I need to hint at the taboo and the forbidden, which for me always includes the sexual.  I’m a Catholic in a small town, who attends church regularly.  Still single at 50!  I have no answer to my romantic dilemmas.  God, keep me wild!  I need Jesus AND I need Kali!  Keep the wild things alive.  Let me be Queen of my own Magick Kingdom.