BacheBazi is a form of sex slavery commonly practiced in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  It involves gay paedophiles using boys for sex activities.  These are often street kids from very poor families.  The ones in power are trying to outlaw this.  The music these kids dance to is beautiful and tribal.  The kids earn enough money to buy food, drugs, and whatever else is needed.  I’m praying for an overall societal healing.  The women and girls stay at home.  The worst places for crime and dangerous people are the public bus terminals.  These people are Muslims; I don’t know which sect.  Probably some are of the Pashtun tribe.  There is much we don’t know about the Middle East.

I added my cat, YaHabibi, and some triangles in there.  The boy dancing in the dress is drawn from my memory of a documentary, “Pakistan’s Shame”.  I attempted to capture one of the musical instruments played by a live musician.  Afghanistan has lived through many wars and invasions.  No doubt these have deeply impacted their culture.

YaHabibi is Arabic for “sweetheart”.  Arabic writing looks like a bunch of dancing snakes recently ran over by a steamroller!


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