Orange Weeple

I first met The Weeple way back when in junior high.  We were kids learning how to sell something to someone.  Weeple is short for “We The People”.  It was a Pom Pom glued to a heart-shaped piece of felt, with perhaps antennae and two “Googly eyes” glued on in appropriate places.  People used them as lapel pins to sell I-don’t-know-what.  Chocolates?  Wait.  That came along in high school, to support the Latin Class banquet or field trip to Rome (ha-ha!).

Weeple.  We The People.  Clever!  I have sold things.  My products and services.  Some I made myself.  Selling is a basic intelligence test for all newbie entrepreneurs.  Phil Laut’s book, “Money Is My Friend” gave me the 5-Point Sales Map.  Also Basic Tips For Selling.


Metatron Mandala

Metatron is the Archangel especially to help Indigo kids and adults.  He’s probably good in helping with ADD or ADHD.  We used to call it “short attention span” or “hyperactivity”.  Perhaps it’s just imbalanced kundalini energy that causes an ungrounding, or disconnection from the Earth element.  Metatron has the 12-point star as a symbol.  He appears to me as a flash of a swan.

My Artist’s Totebag 

I don’t do many still life’s.  Fabric is a welcome challenge to capture here, what with all the faded colors, and the shadows that are created simply by placing my artist’s Totebag on my bed, where I can easily reach for art media such as my boxes and bags of pencils, and/or my Tibetan Adult Coloring book plus my Zentangles For Beginners.

I also have Dollar Store stickers, colored conte, crayons, Prismacolors, graphites and charcoals, plus oil pastels and essentials such as scissors and Elmer’s glue.  Well worth carrying to an Art Class, should I ever take one again.

Wassayaks Cafe 

It was a rainy Sunday.  I had cabin fever!  A snowy January in a little mountain town.  I brought my sketchbook, art supplies and my travel journal to the two cafes I knew would be open on Sunday’s.

I saw customers come and go during my sketch above.  I attempted to capture the background as well as tables, chairs, people and the things they place on their tables.  I’m improving …

Oscar Pistorius 

A.K.A. “Bladerunner”, Oscar Pistorius is a winning Olympic athlete from South Africa.  He’s disabled, and has prosthetic lower legs and feet made out of titanium (?).  Convicted of killing his live-in girlfriend.  I didn’t follow the story– I just overheard a conversation at The Mission in Redding, CA.

Pencil on paper.  From the sketchbook of Linda M Smith.

Golden God and Green Girl

More from the Tibetan coloring book!  I’m getting a lot of ideas from this.  Here I use mostly Prismacolors, but also a couple of graphite pencils.  I plan to do a lot more pages from this book, because it’s very fascinating !

Technology takes us to incredible places!  There’s an Adult Colorbook app I like!  But I can design my own for free!  (Just the cost of the art supplies!)

3 Headed Tara (adult coloring book)

From the “Tibetan Designs” coloring book.  Artwork by Marty Noble.  Colors added by Linda M. Smith.  Published by Creative Haven and Dover Publications.  I’m very drawn to Tibetan deities such as Green Tara and Avalokiteswara.  Green Tara helps people cross over from Life to Death.  I believe she’s the Supreme Goddess of Tibetan lore and culture.  And Avalokiteswara is her sword-wielding husband, the God of Non-Violence.

We hear about such Beings as the Black Dakini, the Dalai Lama, and various colored Dakinis.  Apparently they come in red, yellow, black, white, and blue.  Also, there’s a Golden Dakini.  Much mystery there.  Many stories unknown to me.  I want to hear them!

Faerie World

Freshly drawn, this is a brief illustration inspired by Josephine Wall’s Faery Art.  I have discovered the cheapest way to collect great art is through buying postcards or greeting cards of my favorite pieces!  Works in any gallery or museum!

The two lovers in the boat are based on Sananday and I.  You can see a Gondoleer.  My kitten makes an appearance with a teapot and some treasures!  Cat hangs a tiny tea cup on his tail!