Colorful Polygons 

I’m exploring The Star of Metatron.  It has 12 points. I simply draw one Star of David, and turn the paper around, and carefully draw another on top of it.  I have a wallet card with sacred geometry on it.  I’m going to use that wallet card, bought at Soul Connections in Mount Shasta, California, as a base for some of my Sacred Geometry art.

Metatron is an Archangel who specializes in caring for today’s children and youth, particularly the Indigo children and adults.  I see so much trouble among today’s youth.  Horror stories of corporal punishment of America’s children and youth reach me via the Internet.  Police don’t belong in schools.  American culture is deteriorating.  What to do about it?  Education is an area ripe for major change!  Homeschooling is a real trend!

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