Orange Weeple

I first met The Weeple way back when in junior high.  We were kids learning how to sell something to someone.  Weeple is short for “We The People”.  It was a Pom Pom glued to a heart-shaped piece of felt, with perhaps antennae and two “Googly eyes” glued on in appropriate places.  People used them as lapel pins to sell I-don’t-know-what.  Chocolates?  Wait.  That came along in high school, to support the Latin Class banquet or field trip to Rome (ha-ha!).

Weeple.  We The People.  Clever!  I have sold things.  My products and services.  Some I made myself.  Selling is a basic intelligence test for all newbie entrepreneurs.  Phil Laut’s book, “Money Is My Friend” gave me the 5-Point Sales Map.  Also Basic Tips For Selling.

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