Zentangle Practice Leap Day

I’m picking up Zentangles from Pinterest, perhaps the world’s best free Zentangles tutorial!  I’m learning to get as much “stuff” and education as possible, while spending as little money as possible.  Yes, life pays!  You name your recompense by what you do, by who you are.  The last two sentences are a quote from Imelda Shanklin’s “What Are You?” book, published long ago.  Like, back in the 1920’s.


Gavin Newsom, the next Governor of California (God willing)

Portraiture is difficult.  I’m doing well with basic lines.  Obviously, Gavin’s eyes in real life are not this infantile.  That said, he and his wife just had another baby, named Dutch.  He’s the guy most famous for starting the LGBT marriage revolution in San Francisco, California.

And I’m the one who gave him that idea.  Via telepathy.  He’s so handsome.  Gavin, you’re always welcome at my Temple.

Madonna the Material Girl

I remember her from the 80’s song, “Borderline”, played incessantly on KFRC in my art class.  Mike Grbich was our teacher.  Madonna has since blossomed into a worldwide celebrity.  She reminds me of Diana of Ephesus.  She continually pushes sexual boundaries for women and increasingly, men.  I remember her in a wedding dress onstage singing “Like A Virgin”.  She depicts BDSM in that “express yourself; don’t repress yourself!” video.  The chihuahua in the leather vest is hilarious.  My cousin Kimberley hated her.  Me, I kind of admire her but am turned off by her cigarettes and somewhat bitchy attitude.  Still, I am grateful overall.  I hope her feelings won’t get hurt, should she read this.  The Material Girl is very thick-skinned.  I could say a lot more, but will wrap this up for now.  I love “Forbidden Love”.  Her songs are, in one word, unforgettable.

Marilyn Chambers At the Box Theatre 

Marilyn Chambers was an American porn star who successfully transitioned to mainstream film.  She died several years ago.  Perhaps her most famous film was “Behind The Green Door”, a hard core porn film.  Penetration of yoni by lingham is shown in hard core porn films.  We need the erotic divine feminine.  I believe every woman can be an embodiment of the Erotic Divine Feminine.  Marilyn Chambers certainly was.  Your sexual journey is unique, lifelong, and joyous!

Head and Shapes Mandala 

All of life is made up of geometrical shapes.  Spheres, cubes, arcs, pyramids, cones, straight lines and so much more.  I’m fascinated by hands and feet, because of the number of bones.  The metacarpals are the hand bones.  The metatarsals are the foot bones.  As usual, my 6-month old cat, YaHabibi, is trying to sneak his way into my artwork!  He steals pens and paws his way into drawers!

Prayer Stage 3

It’s got 10 likes at last check on Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith’s thread.  A good sign!  This emerged spontaneously over a period of many months.  I finally bought the desktop easel, rose and gold paints that made this acrylic on canvas possible!  I think it’s 18 X 24 “, or a little smaller.  It feels complete.  All it needs is the eye-hook!

Color Dakini WIP

     A Dakini is a beautiful spirit that dances in the sky.  They may be made from the orgasms of enlightened lovers.  I think I have created several.  They are holy being’s.  Mine are either male or female.  Yours may vary.  I personally prefer lovers who are happy with their gender.  I’m thrilled to have a woman’s body.  

     This is a Work In Progress.  I’m currently working in a Tibetan Designs coloring book.  The artist’s name is Marty.  I’m experimenting with a watercolor pen and a small tray of Russian watercolor blocks here.  I bought the water pen at The Velvet Elephant store in Mount Shasta, California.  Go and shop there!  Alex and Iris stock many Adult Coloring books as well as all types of paints, artists’ pencils, papers, canvases and Fair Trade items.  Brushes, palette knives, and special items imported from all over the world can be bought here.