Color Dakini WIP

     A Dakini is a beautiful spirit that dances in the sky.  They may be made from the orgasms of enlightened lovers.  I think I have created several.  They are holy being’s.  Mine are either male or female.  Yours may vary.  I personally prefer lovers who are happy with their gender.  I’m thrilled to have a woman’s body.  

     This is a Work In Progress.  I’m currently working in a Tibetan Designs coloring book.  The artist’s name is Marty.  I’m experimenting with a watercolor pen and a small tray of Russian watercolor blocks here.  I bought the water pen at The Velvet Elephant store in Mount Shasta, California.  Go and shop there!  Alex and Iris stock many Adult Coloring books as well as all types of paints, artists’ pencils, papers, canvases and Fair Trade items.  Brushes, palette knives, and special items imported from all over the world can be bought here.  


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