Madonna the Material Girl

I remember her from the 80’s song, “Borderline”, played incessantly on KFRC in my art class.  Mike Grbich was our teacher.  Madonna has since blossomed into a worldwide celebrity.  She reminds me of Diana of Ephesus.  She continually pushes sexual boundaries for women and increasingly, men.  I remember her in a wedding dress onstage singing “Like A Virgin”.  She depicts BDSM in that “express yourself; don’t repress yourself!” video.  The chihuahua in the leather vest is hilarious.  My cousin Kimberley hated her.  Me, I kind of admire her but am turned off by her cigarettes and somewhat bitchy attitude.  Still, I am grateful overall.  I hope her feelings won’t get hurt, should she read this.  The Material Girl is very thick-skinned.  I could say a lot more, but will wrap this up for now.  I love “Forbidden Love”.  Her songs are, in one word, unforgettable.


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