Ravishing Rick Rude

I remember first seeing Rick Rude on WWF.  He boasted “I am the sexiest man in the world!”  He wrestled with someone else.  His opponent lost!  Rick gave him a haircut!  That scared me.  He used a child’s scissors.  There was a violence in that which was unmistakable.

Rick died some time ago.  WWF stands for World Wrestling Federation.  Nowadays, it’s called WWE.  Rick’s theme song is a striptease.  He liked inviting all the ladies to check out his body.  He insulted the men.  He came on to Sami the Snake’s wife.  She looked at him like he was an insect!  He wrestled a lot of people with names like Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Seargeant Slaughter, and the Undertaker.  Very ominous sounding!  Also, the Ultimate Warrior.


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