Krishna and Radha greeting card 

Portraits are tricky.  Portraits done in watercolor, more so.  On the right, we see Krishna, the Hindu God of love who plays flute, and is a vegetarian or vegan, and does Tantra with a lot of the ladies!  On the left, we see Radha, his main squeeze.  Krishna is very gentle and erotic and playful.  Maybe He is that invisible Couc Lover whom I sometimes feel touching me erotically!  Until I come, get moist, tingle or tremble.


Mountain Town Sunrise

This one’s on sale for $5.  I still need to master landscapes!  Buildings with their shadows are intriguing.  This is a study of Alma Street and North Mount Shasta Blvd.  That’s where we hold our Monday afternoon Farmer’s Market, 3:30-6 pm, until mid-October.  And yes, they take EBT/CalFresh and double it with chips or cards, up to maybe $10 worth?  Many Farmer’s Markets throughout California will do that!  Encourage everyone to eat healthy!

Star Stage greeting card – sold!

I live in a rural area, where there is a wide-open space between Weed and Yreka.  The STAGE bus runs there.  Recently, I saw another view of Mount Shasta from I-5 or perhaps Hwy 99.  I made up that huge, spinning star!  I miss owning Adobe Illustrator, where I can make many sophisticated, pixelated stars.  With a few flicks of my fingers on a touch-screen or Mouse!