Shasta Angels Flying Kites – commissioned art 

Danielle is the proprietor of ePuppets on North Mount Shasta Blvd!  He’s my biggest collector.  I name him “a believing mirror”.  Every artist needs at least one!  He sells children’s toys and games.  I encourage all travelers along I-5 in Northern California to stop by and buy some toys!  Parents and grandparents take note!  Below is Danielle with his Altar….


Shiva Greeting card -$5 or Best Offer

I am getting better at these small-scale illustrations.  Hindu deities are found on Google images by me, until I learn the details of their weapons, animals, jewelry, clothing and myths associated with them.  Some have multiple arms.  Shiva is the God of death and destruction.  He has a couple of wives (at least) and one son that I know of.  Parvati, Kali, and Ganesha, respectively.

Durga greeting card – $5 

Durga is a Goddess of India.  Her mantra cleared up my DNA in a very physical way!  While she was fighting off demons, Kali sprang out of her forehead!  I don’t know many facts about Durga Ma, but she tells me she cries real tears whenever I or any other deprive ourselves of pleasure unnecessarily.  WOW.  I am learning more.  She is known in Russian Faery tales as “the Princess Riding the Tiger”.  Sometimes, she rides a lion, instead!  Here, she is many-armed, like a number of Hindu Gods.

Justin, Mountie, and Canuck

At left is an RCMP cop, also known as a “Mountie” in Canada.  At the top is Justin Trudeau, the current PM of Canada.  I’m glad he replaced Stephen Harper!  At right is a Vancouver Canuck hockey player.  Vancouver is the capital city (I think) of the British Columbia Province, which is on the lower left coast of Canada.  I have been there.  I was 11, and I remember it as cold and foggy.  I was VERY startled by a giant foghorn, which blasted out the first notes of “O Canada”, their national anthem!

Qolsarif Mosque, Kazan, Russia — 2 views 

Happy Eid-al-Fitr!  About July 6 of this year, it’s when all devout Muslims end Ramadan with a big feast.  Ramadan sounds tough.  All who are able to, who are of the Muslim Faith, must fast from dawn to dusk.  They eat shortly after sunset.  I am intrigued by the Muslim faith, and horrified at what some of we Americans have done to the Middle East.  We Americans and Christians owe the Middle Easterner and Muslim a big amends.  I know ISIL continue to do evil things in places like Falluja and Baghdad as well as al-Raqqa in Syria.  I zap them with love, knowing more will defect and repent!

I am amazed by Arab and Muslim architecture.  I think I will draw more mosques!  I get my ideas from Google Image search off of my iPhone!

Russell Brand 

I see Russell Brand as the embodiment of Kama, the Hindu God of sex pleasure.  He’s very handsome, a comedian, and a social spokesperson from the UK.  At one time, he was married to Katy Perry.  He is the voice-over for the Doctor in “Dedpicable Me 2”.  The one who helps Gru make those jellies.  One good chant for Kama is “Om Kama Pujitaye Nameha!”  Said to bring a happy, lasting marriage or intimate partnership.  Deva Premal sings a beautiful version of that mantra.  I find mantras are powerful tools of manifestation!