Qolsarif Mosque, Kazan, Russia — 2 views 

Happy Eid-al-Fitr!  About July 6 of this year, it’s when all devout Muslims end Ramadan with a big feast.  Ramadan sounds tough.  All who are able to, who are of the Muslim Faith, must fast from dawn to dusk.  They eat shortly after sunset.  I am intrigued by the Muslim faith, and horrified at what some of we Americans have done to the Middle East.  We Americans and Christians owe the Middle Easterner and Muslim a big amends.  I know ISIL continue to do evil things in places like Falluja and Baghdad as well as al-Raqqa in Syria.  I zap them with love, knowing more will defect and repent!

I am amazed by Arab and Muslim architecture.  I think I will draw more mosques!  I get my ideas from Google Image search off of my iPhone!


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