Wassayaks Psychedelic scene from my sketchbook

     I borrowed from a wall mural at a local wifi cafe.  Andrew, one of the owners, just had a baby girl!  Micah is his brother.  They serve up coffee, tea, bagels, panini and salads, etc.  I borrowed light and shadow from the table next to me.  Added the chandelier, and turned a Millennial male customer with flowered grey shorts on into T-Rex.  

     I saw a T-Rex puppets at the nearby ePuppets store.  I am praying for an economic healing in Mount Shasta.  So sorry to see Village Books and Crystal Angels close!  Boo!

Zentangles with Colors and Shadows greeting card (sold!)

     I made this up.  On the left, we have Printemps in green and blue.  That word is French for spring.  In the middle, we have Static.  The Crescent Moons pattern is at top.  On the right, I forget the name, but it’s woven.  Worth my time and money to learn these!  You can find Zentangles on Pinterest and copy or modify.  I find them easy.