Spontaneous Mardi Gras 

      Just now done in my sketchbook.  Media include Prismacolor and graphite pencils as well as Pilot G-2 07 multi-color pens.  On paper.  


Sloppy Rose Mandala Universe 

     Based on a mandala I found on a Pinterest.  I added the plume and spiral, myself.  This mandala isn’t accurate.  I may need a jar lid or protractor and maybe a ruler.  I can buy those at Velvet Elephant in Mount Shasta City.  

Incomplete Sri Yantra Mandala 

     Got tired!  There are supposed to be Hindu Deities in each of the 8 directions!  Apparently, Shri Yantra is the Supreme Mandala of the Hindus.  I believe they are designed to be meditated-upon to open the mind.  Usually they have colors inside the shapes, and shapes formed within shapes.  There seem to be several basic designs, or templates.  

Private Universe 

     I saw photos of women with newborn infants.  The intimacy was stunning!  Blood, placentas, and infants covered with some kind of greasy white substance.  I am sure it has to do with their immune system.  Moms and Dads and staff with ecstasy etched on their faces.  Some had tattoos.  Some wore glasses.  Some were partly naked.  Some photos included grandparents and the birthing team!